Collecting high quality well-designed luxury watches are becoming increasingly popular for celebrities and wealthy individuals. This is because the watches can be used as a fashion accessory and their value also increases with time, making these watches a very lucrative investment. Panerai is one of the most trendy luxury watch brands so many luxury watch buyers are interested in finding review&informations of Panerai Bronze Watch as a fashion icon so that they can decide whether they wish to purchase a Panerai watch, and the features they should look for to ensure that they purchase an authentic watch.

Panerai history

Panerai is an Italian watchmaking company which was founded in the year 1860 by Giovanni Panerai in Florence, Italy. The company has been making quality luxury watches with a large dial for more than 150 years. The company had made some watches exclusively for the Italian Navy before World War Two. In the mid-1990s, the company started manufacturing a limited number of these watches for sale to civilians. The company ensures that the vintage Italian design is combined with the latest watchmaking technology, and has a manufacturing facility in Neuchatel, Switzerland with the best manufacturing facilities.

Bronze watches

Due to the connection with the Italian Navy, many of the popular Panerai watches have a case which is made from bronze, since bronze will not get corroded if exposed to the salty seawater for a long period of time. Hence unlike other watches whose body is made from stainless steel or other material, the bronze will acquire a patina over a period of time. Hence each of the bronze watches from Panerai is unique and this is one of the main reasons for Bronze Watch’s popularity. The value of a luxury watch depends to a large extent on how rare or unique it is, and each bronze watch will have a different look after some years.

Fashion icon

While the stylish Panerai watches were always popular in Italy, they became popular worldwide after the actor Sylvester Stallone wore a Panerai watch in one of his movies shot in Rome in the 1990s. He had spotted a watch in a jewelry shop, liked the design and ordered some of these watches to be engraved so that he could gift his friends the watches. Since then the exclusive watches are worn by world leaders like Benjamin Netanyahu, Bill Clinton, celebrities like actor Ashton Kutcher and models like Heidi Klum since they are elegant and well designed. Only a limited number of these elegant watches are available, and they are also very expensive, making them a fashion statement, for wealthy celebrities and others.